Published Articles and Event Reviews

Here are links to a series of articles I wrote for The Witches’ Voice, which is the premier online news site for the national Pagan community.
This article details Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth healing work, written in celebration of Earth Day 2002.
22 April 2002
This is an announcement explaining where to meet the Pagan delegation at The March for Women’s Lives to be held on the national Mall on April 25th.
5 April 2004
This is a report on the first Pagan delegation officially registered at a women’s rights demonstration in Washington, DC.
1 May 2004
This interview is mainly about Janet and Gavin’s newly released book, Progressive Witchcraft.
14 June 2004
This continues the interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone about their beliefs and practices.
21 June 2004
This is an event review of Between the Worlds, an irregularly scheduled interfaith esoteric conference organized by The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel as a fundraiser for The New Alexandrian Library.
14 November 2004
This is about the planned toll road through County Meath that will destroy many Pagan era cemeteries, earthworks and other ancient monuments associated with Tara, the royal seat of the High Kings of Ireland.
30 January 2005
This is a festival review of the ceremonies for Litha, the Summer Solstice, held at Royal Tara in Ireland in 2005. This is the most-read article I have written for The Witches’ Voice.
26 June 2005
This is about our local community’s response to criticism from the Bush administration that the Pagan community isn’t worthy of receiving federal grants for faith-based charitable initiatives.
13 November 2005
This is an announcement of the Pagan Religious Rights Rally to be held in Farragut Square on July 4th of that year.
25 June 2006
This is a review of the 4th of July Religious Rights Rally I organized, held in Farragut Square. H. Byron Ballard, who is Asheville, NC’s Village Witch and one of the speakers at this event, wrote this article. Roberta Stewart met Rev. Barry Lynn, of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, at this event, with historic consequences in the struggle for the Veteran’s Pentagram.
8 July 2006
This article is a festival review of the 2006 Chesapeake Pagan Community gathering in northern Maryland. There is a nice photo of the Conjure Dance altar.
20 August 2006
This is about a personal pilgrimage to celebrate Samhain in Ireland at an Iron Age hillfort, Tlachtga also known as The Hill of Ward, in Athboy, County Meath.
5 November 2006
This is the announcement for the event held in Lafayette Square Park on July 4th, 2007, with speakers from many Pagan traditions.
1 July 2007
This is the event review of the Pagan Religious Rights Rally and Ritual that took place July 4th in Lafayette Square Park, across from the White House. Diana Paxson’s ritual calling to the Founders of our country as Ancestors was very well received. Afterwards, we adjourned to northern Maryland for workshops and festivities.
22 July 2007
This is a review of the Sacred Space conference, held in Laurel, Maryland, along with Winterfest, a Renaissance-style banquet. There are some lovely photos by Snook Family Photography.
3 February 2008
This is about the plight of Fawza Falih, a woman convicted and imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for the crime of Witchcraft, and American Pagans’ efforts to secure her release.
2 March 2008
This is an update about the situation at Tara, where the toll road construction continues to destroy the priceless heritage of Pagan Ireland.
16 March 2008
This is the announcement of the planned Ritual of Unity and Blessing in front of the Jefferson Memorial on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday holiday, January 19th, the day before the Obama inaugural.
5 January 2009
This is a review of the ritual held in front of the Jefferson Memorial in 2009, in which we swept away the detritus of the Bush Administration and welcomed the Obama administration with protection and blessings.
25 January 2009
This is an essay written for Jason Pitzl-Waters' The Wild Hunt Blog, published while Jason was moving house and needed a team of substitute writers to take care of the blog while he was in transit. This essay was then praised on Beliefnet.
19 July 2009