Individual Consultations

Caroline Kenner Profile

Here is a description of how I worked, when I was offering individual shamanic healing appointments.

Each appointment is spirit-guided and thus unique, but the form of the healing ceremony is fixed. I follow a ritual protocol taught to me by my spiritual allies that focuses and concentrates the shamanic healing. I am a singing shamanic healer, so the healing comes through me as songs, both invocatory and without words.

My compassionate helping spirits are a various multitude. I sing to the Ancestors and many other spirits for healing. You can learn more about spirit helpers here.

With the help of my spiritual allies, I am usually able to achieve extraction/depossession, power animal retrieval and soul retrieval in one appointment. You can learn more about shamanic methods here.

I often use crystals and minerals in my healing practice. I usually surround my clients with rings of stones, and place stones at their feet and above their heads. Sometimes the spirits direct me to place certain stones on my clients to assist with the healing. Here is a longer discussion of crystals and healing.

When the healing session is complete to the final actions and songs, I give my client a bottle of spring water that has been on the altar during their healing. This bottle of water has been a participant, co-creator and witness to their healing. I ask my clients to drink that water within 24 hours of the session, so every cell in their body can experience the healing, conveyed through pure water.

Shamanic healing has survived every human cultural shift from the Neolithic through the New Age because shamanic healing works. Here is more information about various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses I have been able to help people with.

My first shamanic healing appointment, including soul retrieval, was the pivot point of my life, the turn in my path towards healing. Soul retrieval is the only true panacea I have found, a healing that is subtle, pervasive, supportive and strengthening to a person’s entire being.

Please contact me if you are interested in a referral to one of my graduated students, or, to find one of Sandra Ingerman's trained healers and teachers in your area, please visit this link.