House Clearing, Un-Haunting and House Blessing

Are you and your children bothered, or even frightened, by spirit activity in your home? Perhaps it is time for you to seek a professional who can move those pesky ghosts to a better place, leaving you and your family with a peaceful home.


I have a lot of experience clearing houses of troublesome spirits, such as irritating hauntings or annoying poltergeists. I am also skilled at changing the atmosphere of a house for the better, including erasing any etheric recordings left by the previous owners. And some people like to have me come in and bless their house when they move in, so that the energy in the house is re-set in a positive way.

House clearing is also highly recommended if there has been an episode of violence in the home, including a break-in, a robbery, a suicide or any other disturbing or highly emotional occurrence. House clearing can sometimes help when clients are trying to make changes in their lives, move on from a relationship that has ended, or lose weight.

Within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, most people prefer me to come to their homes to perform house clearings and house blessings. Because of the travel time, I charge somewhat more than for a regular shamanic healing appointment at my home office.

I also offer a money back guarantee for the house clearings I perform: “Your troublesome spirit removed or your money back.” (This guarantee is only available for house clearings done while I am physically present in the house during the work.)

House clearings require some additional supplies. These supplies are provided or paid for by the client commissioning the work, and are non-refundable under my guarantee.

Within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the price for house clearing begins at $200, which doesn't include the supplies needed. This price covers a small house or an apartment, but a four bedroom house or larger will cost somewhat more.

For the price of a normal shamanic healing appointment, I can perform remote house clearings working from my home office. When I do a house clearing without being physically present, there are certain steps the homeowner needs to take in the house. I describe these steps to the homeowner in detail during a phone conversation.

However, because the actions taken at the home are not under my personal supervision, I cannot offer a money back guarantee on remote spirit removal.