Remote Appointments

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When a client can’t make a journey to see me in person, they can have a remote appointment.

Remote appointments take place at a mutually agreed upon time. Immediately after the appointment, I write the entire experience down as an email and send it to the client. As soon as possible after that, the client and I have a scheduled phone call to discuss the shamanic healing journeys.

All of the healing work takes place in the shamanic realms.

I have performed extraction, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval successfully from a distance on many occasions. I have also successfully moved ghosts from houses while working from a distance. The results of remote healings are just as gentle, just as dramatic, just as long lasting, as healings performed in person.

Remote appointments cost the same as regular appointments. Clients may send a check to me through the mail, or to avoid the wait, I accept Paypal. However, because of financial handling charges, Paypal makes remote appointments slightly more expensive.


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