Caroline Kenner’s Ethical Guidelines


I work for my clients’ highest good, for their empowerment, to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Normally, I perform shamanic work expressly for the person who hires me. Healing sessions may be given as gifts with the full consent and participation of the client, but in most cases, I do not perform healings for people other than the person hiring me.

There are two specific exceptions when I will work for a third party: I will gladly work for a third party client if (1) the client is a minor child of the person who hires me, or (2) if the client is unable to respond, such as in a coma, drugged, unconscious, or otherwise non compos mentis.

If the client is non compos mentis, the person who hires me must be a family member of the client, and/or be holding an advance directive health care power of attorney. The person who hires me must also be certain that the client would want shamanic treatment if the client were able to respond.

© Caroline Kenner, 2009