When I Can Help---and When I Can’t

When people discover I am a professional shamanic healer, they usually don’t know exactly what it is that I do, or how I can help people, or who might come to me. So I thought it might be helpful to offer some examples of situations in which I—or another well-qualified shamanic healer in your area—might be able to help you.

The great majority of the healings I do consist of extraction and/or depossession followed by soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. Here is a very brief description of the three major shamanic healing modalities, followed by some information about cases in which I have been able to help, and also some information about cases in which I have not been able to help.

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Although I am a well-rounded shamanic healer trained in all of the healing modalities, I am considered especially good at extraction and depossession. I have spent many years performing extraction-based public healing ceremonies in which miraculous healings occurred regularly, even in the absence of soul or power animal retrievals. Merely getting the nasties out is sometimes enough for a remission of pain symptoms, for example.

The most profound healing I have experienced in this life was soul retrieval. My own healing from soul retrieval is what drew me into shamanism. Soul retrieval is the return of missing parts of self, which have left because of trauma. It is a gentle and pervasive healing that takes a year and a day to manifest completely.

Guardian animal retrieval is also an extremely powerful healing modality. When you know the identity of your power animal, you know your spiritual guide, a guardian who will help you throughout your entire incarnation, and even escort you during your dying process. You need never feel alone again once you are aware of your power animal. Knowing your guardian animal is very comforting and empowering.

I have had success in treating people with symptoms such as:
Chronic fatigue
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic pain of medically unknown origin
Nerve damage and neuropathy
Back pain
Knee pain and knee disability
Limited range of motion problems
Endometriosis, fibroid tumors and cystic ovaries
High blood pressure
Crohn’s disease and less well known stomach ailments
Low self esteem
Inability to connect emotionally with others
Weight problems
Cigarette smoking cessation
Fertility and childbearing issues
Unusual susceptibility to infectious illness
Trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome
Rape, incest and molestation
Early childhood trauma
Post-traumatic stress syndrome
Social anxiety

One or more people with the above illnesses, issues or syndromes has consulted me about their condition, and has had a favorable outcome, whether it be a remission of pain or other symptoms, a return of lost vitality or an incremental gain in function.

With chronic pain patients, my spirits and I can give some drug-free remission from pain through shamanic treatment, which can last for days, weeks or even months at a time, but is not necessarily permanent. Other clients have responded remarkably, and have become pain free after years of disability. This is especially true of clients who have consulted me about knee pain.

I can help with the emotional difficulties of living with serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease and living with HIV, but so far have not been able to shift the illnesses themselves.

So far, I can only help temporarily with problems resulting from biologically based mental illness. A number of schizophrenic clients have come to me hoping that I could extract the negative spirits in their heads. In some cases, I have been able to help temporarily. Similarly, I can help manic-depressive clients smooth out their ups and downs temporarily, but I have not been able to effect a complete remission of manic depression in any client.

Depression can respond remarkably well to shamanic treatment. Most clients receive some remission of symptoms at least temporarily. A thorough extraction/depossession session followed by soul retrieval and power animal retrieval can in some cases completely clear clinical depression. This has been true even for clients on anti-depressants who have been hospitalized for depression in the past. However, not every client with serious depression has had such a dramatic recovery.

My most strikingly successful results have been in these areas:

Social anxiety
Crohn’s disease
Knee pain and disability
Chronic fatigue problems
Chronic pain of medically unknown origin
Fibroid tumors

One or more clients has achieved complete remission of symptoms from these illnesses. In several cases, the clients had suffered for years from their illness and one shamanic healing session cleared their illness completely.

A caveat of shamanic healing: the client must really want to heal and get well for shamanic healing to work best. Sandra Ingerman likens shamanic healing to the AAA truck arriving to give the car stalled at the side of the road a jump-start. Once the jump-start has been given, the driver of the car needs to step on the gas in order to go anywhere. If the client doesn’t act on the changes set in motion by the shamanic healing session, there won’t be an optimal outcome.

This is particularly true with weight loss, smoking cessation and alcoholism. Shamanic healing can help with all of those problems, but is not a replacement for the will to change. Once you have your soul parts back and know the identity of your power animal, you still have to refrain from smoking, overeating or drinking alcohol if you want a favorable result. However, the shamanic treatments can make it easier to maintain one’s willpower.

Shamanic healing is an adjunct to conventional medical care, and not a replacement for it. As in any spiritual healing modality, response to shamanic healing is a very individual matter. There are no guarantees in shamanic healing because there are too many variables.

I request that my clients consult their physicians before making any changes to their prescription medications. Shamanic treatment is not a substitute for prescription medication.

All of the results quoted in this essay are truthful, but the sample sizes are so small they are not statistically valuable. Please use your own good judgment in deciding if shamanic healing is appropriate for your health conditions.

Many people who come to me for shamanic healing have been searching for help from conventional medical providers, sometimes for many years, and have been disappointed in the results of their searching. This was my own situation when I began pursuing shamanic healing for myself. Shamanic healing methods offer a new approach, one that can be very successful, while being completely free of negative side effects or conflicts with other therapies.

Although I consider myself first and foremost a physical and emotional healer, people also come to me for other reasons. I would be happy to discuss your situation with you if you are interested in hiring me for work other than shamanic healing. For the record: I will not perform any negative magic for anyone at any time for any reason. Please see my Ethics page for further information.

© Caroline Kenner, 2009